Brasserie van den Berg | ‘High end brasserie’

hartin the new part of the city centre of Eindhoven you will find this restaurant. Excellent true brasserie style menu with excellent quality. The place is well presented and smart, not tacky; looks like you are in Paris
hartgreat food and good choice; delicious wine and very tastefull bites. We had the cheese platter and bruchetta’s with a good red wine; yummie
hartI would recommend going there to anyone who visits Eindhoven; it is good 4 a romantic dinner for 2, for a group of people (family or business)… Love the magazine-wall also; good 4 relaxing with a drink and something to read
hartwhen sunny take a seat on their cozy terrace

BRASSERIE VAN DEN BERG  (Nieuwe Emmasingel 58, Eindhoven) DISCOVER site

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