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Villa Augustus | ‘Unique spot to sleep’ ?

hartDordrecht’s former drinking water companysite has been transformed to a restaurant and hotel! What a JOY
hartThe water tower is a hotel with 37 rooms; some situated in the garden where you feel like Alice in Wonderland 
hartThe restaurant is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner where organic products are used; right from the garden onto your plate
hartthe terrace in the garden has a great view with GOOD wine and yummie bites. This place have all ingredients for a short break

VILLA AUGUSTUS  (Oranjelaan 7, Dordrecht) DISCOVER site

Khotinsky | ‘Grand café in unique setting’

hartSituated in a former electricity station; a hotspot for culture, arts, theater and music on the edge of the city centre of Dordrecht. You go to Khotinsky for the food-drink-and cocktail’s
hartthis former industrial building is huge, and the design exudes a great atmosphere: concrete & metal! WoW how spectaculair
hartfor lunch the ‘Kholunch’ is very yummie. It is a little tasting and you will get a lot!
hartif you stay in Villa Augustus, this is a good choice for an evening dinner. Otherwise, go here for a coffee or a drink.

KHOTINSKY  (Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht) DISCOVER site