About Mi


I’m a chick on a mission, mad about travelling, fashion and life. I LOVE to dream big, discover new things, being efficient & take the action!

I like 2 DISCOVER new things especially places I have never been before. This is making me happy and hyper, giving me a big smile on my face always wanting MORE of this. I never find myself wandering around in a city, getting hungrier with every step before finally stepping into a place that looks so-so and is packed with tourists. All hotspots& tips are selected by me; getting inspired from magazines, hear say, friends & articles.

When ‘Moreish’ I wanna come back with my loved ones to show them this awesome places and give them this happy feeling also.
‘Discover Moreish’ can mean for me; drinking a espresso in a coffeebar, to score the last copy of a new book in a unique concept store, from tasting a new coktail, to eating the best burger with good comapny to enjoying the atmosphere and people around me.

Why I started this site? Well; I collected all tips& hotspots everywhere. I need order in my life and also for this area. Besides that, friends always ask me where they must go to when going on a citytrip for the latest hotspots and unique tips. So I started this site to share this very great, special and unique places with others!

DISCOVER MOREISH is created for the needs of happy hipsters enjoying the GOOD life bringing you some inspiration!


The FUN things about travelling is the preparation 4 your next trip…Enjoy!